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Rosa's Testimony

Rosa’s Testimony

By Stephanie Cartwright | November 13, 2021

OUR MISSION CONTINUES: Although COVID-19 cases are surging in Ukraine, our team continues to spread the ultimate message of hope – the story of Jesus. While knocking on doors in a village in Buryatia, our team met a woman named Rosa. Rosa was very touched to hear the Gospel in her native language, asked questions,…

Rudik and Julietta’s story

By Stephanie Cartwright | September 30, 2021

“Rudik and Julietta gladly welcomed me into their tiny rented room in a hostel,” recalled, Inna, a member of Mission Eurasia’s Field Ministries Team. “Although I saw them for the very first time, I felt part of the family right away. They quickly set up a table with all the fruit and sweets they had…


Natalya’s Story

By Stephanie Cartwright | August 25, 2021

On June 25-29, 2019, the Lausanne Global Workplace Forum took place in Manila, Philippines. About 850 Christian professionals from 109 different countries participated in this unique event. Mission Eurasia was honored to have Natalya, a Christian teacher from Siberia (not pictured), represent our ministry at this special event. Natalya was recognized as the best teacher…

Madina’s Story

Madina’s Story

By Stephanie Cartwright | August 25, 2021

  “I live in Tajikistan, and I graduated from law school two years ago. In my country, women are primarily engaged with family, and few of us pursue higher education, especially in the legal sphere. My stepfather, who is a pastor and School Without Walls (SWW) graduate, helped me a lot in both my career…

Romans Story

From Social Outcast to the Mayor’s Office

By Stephanie Cartwright | August 5, 2021

There is a Bible on the corner of Roman Polikrovsky’s desk. It’s something of a miracle that it’s sitting there in plain view, for all to see. You see Roman was born in 1979 to evangelical Christian parents who endured all manner of Soviet oppression. The Soviet authorities wanted to eradicate the church and eliminate…

Evangeline’s Story: 6-year-old sharing Christ at Bible camp

Evangeline’s Story: 6-year-old sharing Christ at Bible camp

By Stephanie Cartwright | June 29, 2021

Lives are changing for Christ across Eurasia through our summer camps every year. Just ask Evangeline of Novomoskovsk, Ukraine. During the pandemic last year, the 6-year-old seized on opportunities to share the gospel with other children while serving alongside her parents at our neighborhood Bible day camps. While she has endured her own ongoing health…

Spiritual ‘Reboot’

Yevgenia’s Story: I really had a spiritual ‘reboot’

By Stephanie Cartwright | June 25, 2021

You can see the joy on Yevgenia’s face as she stood in the water. She will never forget the five-day “Restart” Christian camp led by School Without Walls (SWW) leaders that stirred her to make the most important decision of her life – the decision to put her trust in Jesus Christ and be baptized…

Artem’s dream: How faith, SWW gave teen new purpose

By Stephanie Cartwright | March 17, 2021

Artem, 18, recalled the dream that led him to turn from sin and give his life to Christ. “One night I had a dream about a man dressed in white, and a bright light emanated from him,” Artem said. “He told me that if I didn’t change my ways, then I would face great suffering. When I woke up, I…

From fearful Yazidi to child of God

From fearful Yazidi to child of God

By Stephanie Cartwright | March 9, 2021

“We are all going to hell!” Boris remembers his Yazidi grandmother in Armenia telling him this when he was a young man. These words frightened Boris, who turned to a Yazidi spiritual leader for hope. But he told Boris that only a select few would make it to paradise and that even spiritual leaders like…

Elnara New Start

Her disability didn’t stop her from serving the Lord

By Stephanie Cartwright | September 17, 2020

  Elnara was desperate for a new start – deaf, unable to speak, spiritually lost, and a single mom raising two children on her own in Kazakhstan. It’s a place where more than half the population is Muslim, Christians are persecuted for their faith, and churches have been closed. Mission Eurasia’s School Without Walls (SWW)…