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Living in a war is terrifying, and going through it alone is incredibly challenging. Victor knows this firsthand, as he has to hear with daily explosions in his crumbling house. Ever since his wife died, his once cozy home has gradually transformed into a place that barely resembles the welcoming place he used to return to after a hard day. Despite that, Victor stays home, unable to part ways with a place that holds countless cherished memories.
In the war-torn village, life progresses from one shelling to the next, leaving Victor in constant uncertainty about the danger he will face each day. A rocket’s devastating impact recently struck his garden, causing irreparable damage to his home. There are now cracks in the walls, and the chimney isn’t working. With no other alternative, Victor continued to heat his stove. All the smoke stayed inside, making the house look worse, and causing health issues for Victor.
When School Without Walls leaders learned about Victor and his situation, they brought him a new stove and installed it for him. He will now be able to safely warm his home, and cook meals.
The team also gave Victor an ICare food package, filled with different food items. He usually just eats what he was able to grow in his garden and what he could keep in his cellar. There is no running water, so Victor has to get water from a nearby well.
This year, Victor narrowly escaped death (during a shelling) when he miraculously managed to seek refuge in the cellar just in time. Reflecting on the harrowing experience, he recalls, “I could feel every step of the staircase with my body.” As Victor got in the cellar very fast, he stumbled and rolled down the staircase. But praise God, he didn’t suffer any injuries. God gave him an opportunity to make peace with Him. School Without Walls leaders talked to him about that and gave him a Bible with prayer that Victor would use that opportunity.