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Young man holding a New Testament

This summer we are partnering with over 400 evangelical churches in Russia to reach more than 600,000 Russian people with God's Word during the 2018 FIFA World Cup! 

RUSSIA NEEDS THE GOSPEL NOW MORE THAN EVER. It breaks our hearts to watch as a new Iron Curtain lowers over Russia and evangelical Christians face increased pressure from the state to keep silent about sharing their faith with unbelievers. But even as the doors to evangelism in Russia seem to be closing, God is providing exciting new opportunities for creative ministry, opportunities like the World Cup . . .

From June 14-July 15, hundreds of thousands of people will pour in from all over Russia to 11 cities where the World Cup soccer matches will take place. To make the most of this God-given opportunity, Mission Eurasia plans to print a total of 600,000 pieces of Scripture in Russian, including 100,000 New Testaments, which will be distributed at these churches during the World Cup.

Young national leaders—trained and equipped by Mission Eurasia—are partnering with 400 registered national churches to host creative outreach events during the World Cup, including youth soccer camps, soccer-themed events, and live big-screen broadcasts of the games at the churches. During each of these events, they are distributing copies of God’s Word in Russian, sharing the message of the Good News, and forming friendships with thousands of men, women, and youth who do not know Jesus.

Overall, we estimate that we will help reach 3 million people with God's Word through the 2018 World Cup outreach in Russia. Would you help us reach our goal of printing 100,000 New Testaments by considering a gift of $45 to provide 30 New Testaments, $90 to provide 60 New Testaments, $180 to provide 120 New Testaments, or more?

Please partner with us to make the most of this epic opportunity to impact the hearts and souls of the Russian people for eternity!

World Cup Partnership Proposal

Read our World Cup partnership proposal to learn more about how you, your family, or your church can support our World Cup Scripture outreach and provide God's Word for the people of Russia!

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