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Serving the Lost Sheep of Israel

Boris is one of our current School Without Walls (SWW) students in Israel. He found Christ through a Christian rehabilitation center run by Living Israel, a messianic Christian ministry in Israel that partners closely with Mission Eurasia to conduct holistic ministry in the Holy Land. Boris’ faith journey is one of dramatic transformation only made possible by God’s grace:

Before dedicating his life to Christ, Boris spent 17 years addicted to drugs. He had heard the gospel and even said he was a Christian, but he had not fully given his life over to Christ. Eventually he got to the point where he felt like he was dying, and then he remembered hearing about Christian rehabilitation centers. He found Living Israel’s rehabilitation center, and there he learned about God’s love and restored his relationship with God. After he finished his time in the rehabilitation center he was eager to share the gospel with his community and he began studying with SWW. Now Boris serves in Living Israel’s café ministry for the lost sheep of Israel, which serves homeless people and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“Each day when we open the café,” shares Boris, “where we serve a variety of different kinds of food and drinks, we start by standing in a circle and I pray a blessing on our ministry, on every person who will walk through our doors, asking for God’s grace to be on this place, and for His Word and His love to touch people’s hearts and prompt them to accept Christ and become His disciples. In the past year that we have been running this café, we have served about 12,000 people. These people include not only Russian-speakers, but also Arab-speakers, Hebrew speakers, refugees from Sudan and Eritrea, and other foreigners. Of the people that we have served, 70 have made the decision to leave the streets, and 30 of them have made decisions to follow Christ, and three of them are now SWW students. This is a demonstration of God’s glory because He does great deeds by His great power!”