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Artem’s dream: How faith, SWW gave teen new purpose

Artem's Dream

Artem, 18, recalled the dream that led him to turn from sin and give his life to Christ.

“One night I had a dream about a man dressed in white, and a bright light emanated from him,” Artem said. “He told me that if I didn’t change my ways, then I would face great suffering. When I woke up, I was afraid and I knew that I needed to fix my life.”

Artem, who grew up in a Christian home in Russia but had fallen away from his faith, decided to turn his life over to Christ. He soon became involved in Mission Eurasia’s School Without Walls (SWW) Christian leadership training program.

“God spoke to me through young Christians, who helped me understand why it is important to obey the Lord,” he said. “Thanks to their kindness, I realized that I didn’t want to live without God anymore, and He became the most important thing in my life.

“As soon as I put my faith in Jesus, God began to change my life.”

He also realized that he no longer “fit in” with his old friends and that they no longer shared the same values. “One by one, they walked out of my life,” said Artem, who now serves in youth ministry and his church’s worship team.

“Thanks to SWW, I realized the importance of ministry, and I recognized that God was calling me to get more involved in my church,” he said. “My new life’s goal is to reach others in my community for Christ.”

The SWW program is “helping me grow spiritually, learn more about God, and follow His ministry calling for my life,” Artem said.