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A New Home for Natasha

“When we first met Natasha’s family, their home was in a terrible state,” shares Denis, one of our School Without Walls (SWW) coordinators in Moldova. “Their two-room house was too small to comfortably accommodate Natasha and her six children, very dirty, and insufficiently heated. Natasha and her partner often drank and left the children alone without supervision.” Denis and his team of young Next Generation Christian leaders started providing the family with food, clothing, firewood, and other aid as soon as they heard about their situation, however when authorities learned about the family’s situation they came and took the children away, explaining that Natasha’s parental rights would only be returned if she could provide adequate living conditions. However Natasha was unable to find better accommodations with her limited resources, and started to lose hope of getting her children back.

Saddened to see the family torn apart, the SWW students decided to do something to help. They contacted some ministry partners in Europe, who agreed to help them purchase a house to serve as the family’s home until the children have grown up. They also decided to monitor the family’s situation to make sure the children were being treated well. “For us, this was a new experience that required more of our time, but we believe that our support will bear fruit in the children’s lives,” Denis shares. “Now, Natasha and her children have settled into their new home, which includes a nice bathroom and kitchen, and five bedrooms. The children are so happy that they have such a large, beautiful yard to play in, and Natasha is so grateful for our support, which she never expected to receive.

“We have been visiting the family regularly to talk with Natasha and check on the children. They have started going to a local church every Sunday, and I can already see that Natasha’s outlook is changing and she is much more concerned for her children’s well-being. I know that we still have a lot of work to do with her, but I believe that God is at work and blessing our efforts.”

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