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Stock or Mutual Funds

Gifting appreciated stock or mutual funds may have significant tax advantages for you and is easy to do!

These assets are given to Mission Eurasia at the current market value, regardless of the cost or basis of the donor, which avoids the capital gains tax. Mission Eurasia will then liquidate the gifts after the receipt of shares. You will receive a letter from Mission Eurasia describing the gift as of the date the gift was received; this letter will be your tax receipt.

To give a gift of publicly traded stock or mutual funds please 1) print and complete this form, 2) scan, fax, or mail a copy of the form to Mission Eurasia, and 3) give the original form to your broker.

For questions or additional information, please contact us at, or call 630-462-1739 and ask for the Stewardship Department. Mission Eurasia will work closely with your legal, tax, or other advisors to help design a plan that meets your personal goals.

Please note that Mission Eurasia does not provide specific legal, tax, or financial advice, so be sure to consult your legal and tax advisors.