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Street evangelist confronts evolution debate, shares hope of Christ

 Street evangelist confronts ‘big lie’
Young people in Russia are usually ready for a debate, especially when it comes to the topic of evolution, says one street evangelist. He recently spent an evening talking to young people about life, spiritual issues, and the hope that only Jesus Christ offers. 

In Russian high schools, evolution is often presented to students as the only explanation for life, said Konstantin, a School Without Walls (SWW) leader. And many of them enjoy hearing another point of view they can discuss, he noted. 

“They especially like to talk about evolution. This subject always starts a discussion,” he said.

That evening, Konstantin followed-up each conversation by sharing the brochure “Evolution, A Big Lie,” which gives young people an opportunity to read about and hear the gospel.

“The title grabs your attention,” said Konstantin, who says most of those he talked to seemed eager to take the material and read it. 

“The youth of today,” he said, “don’t blindly believe something presented as fact.”

He added, “They want to reflect on it, understand it, and analyze it. Surprisingly, this young generation is interested in talking about life and the creation of the world. It’s in moments like these I can see that our nation has a future.”