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Russian invasion looms over Ukraine, Christian leaders are ready to serve!

Russian invasion looms over Ukraine, Christian leaders are ready to serve!As the threat of a Russian invasion looms over Ukraine, Christian leaders are ready to serve! This is evident by the fact that 200 young Christian leaders attended a conference called “Overcome the Chaos” last weekend hosted by our Mission Eurasia Field Ministries (MEFM) team to be trained further on how to continue missions during a time of war and social crisis.

“We don’t know what awaits us tomorrow. But we are ready to serve people and churches. We are mobilized, trained, and organized,”

the executive director of Mission Eurasia Field Ministries, Denis Gorenkov, explained of the conference, which was held in the city of Kharkiv, located just 50 miles from the Russian border.

Ukraine Crisis

Additionally, our MEFM team along with Pastor Vasiliy, who founded the Bread of Life bakery in Myrnograd, visited villages along the frontlines, including Avdeevka, Umanskoye, Tonenkoye, Peski, and Novogrodovka to assess their needs as well as bring hope and provisions. 

The people who live in these areas are used to hearing explosions, but the escalated threat has become too much. Many feel drained spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and are scared for the future. However, when our team went to visit them, they were overjoyed. They desperately needed the words of encouragement, freshly baked bread, and to know they are not forgotten.

Our team also visited a children's center in Avdiivka, Ukraine. Avdiivka is right on the frontlines and has been scarred by many battles. While the explosions are quite near, children from different parts of the city got together to study God's Word and pray for peace. They are used to the explosions and are not afraid. All they want is to know God more and share about Him with their families and friends.  

Ukraine CrisisRight now, the greatest needs in Ukraine are food and hope that can only be found in Jesus.

That’s why we are working to deliver 2,000 emergency food packages, containing a week of provisions for a family of 4-5 as well as Scripture, to provide spiritual comfort and hope to families in Ukraine. Each food package costs $50, which means we need your assistance to meet the total of $100,000 to distribute these emergency packs immediately.

In addition to the Scriptures included in the food packages, we are also working to print and distribute 100,000 copies of the Action Bible New Testament for hurting and suffering children. Each copy costs $1.32, so the total cost to print 100,000 copies is $132,000. However, a generous family in Canada recently offered to match every dollar up to $60,000 for this project and additional donations have been received, so the remaining amount needed for the Action Bible New Testaments is $50,000.

Will you help us meet these goals? We are depending on your generous support and prayers to help meet the needs of those hardest hit by war and unrest. To help these families, you can give to our “I Care” Refugee Assistance program today.