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Let your heart rejoice

Let your heart rejoiceRejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
—Romans 12:12, ESV


The war in Ukraine continues even as the world wearies of hearing about it because it feels hopeless, with no end in sight. But there is always hope, especially when our merciful God is at work among the refugees and displaced people of Ukraine, and among Mission Eurasia’s staff, volunteers and partners.

Let your heart rejoice in these heartfelt words of thanks—

Let your heart rejoice

From a displaced family in Zhytomyr:
“Your understanding of our situation and assistance have been invaluable to me. I appreciate your care and support at such a difficult time.”

Let your heart rejoice

From a refugee family in Moldova:
“We are grateful to everyone who supports us so much, to those who provide food for us. It’s wonderful to feel that we are not alone, and it’s such a good feeling not to be worried about what we’ll eat tomorrow.”

Let your heart rejoice

And this from Varvara from Kharkiv who attended our Empower training program which is preparing teams to run Summer of Hope camps for Ukrainian refugee children:
"We really, really want to help children who heard the explosions, saw burned houses . . . so we really looked forward to receiving this training. It was of huge help to us and prepared us for ministering to traumatized children. We plan to do a few summer camps for children from South Saltivka, an area in Kharkiv that suffered greatly from war . . . God will be with us. Thank you so much for your training; we'll use it to the maximum."

I pray you are blessed by the hope and comfort your faithfulness and generosity are sowing into the lives of Ukrainian people each day.

In Him,

Sergey Rakhuba

Sergey Rakhuba

Ukraine Needs Help

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