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Cry Out to God—Ukraine Update

Cry Out to God—Ukraine UpdateI cry out to God Most High . . . —Psalm 57:2, ESV

Dear Friend,

Like you, my heart soars with every bit of good news—I rejoice to hear of packed churches, filled with people who are hungry for the hope of the gospel and for Scripture so they can learn more. I rejoice that refugees are coming alongside Mission Eurasia staff and volunteers at our refugee centers to help pack food boxes and render aid to others who suffering . . . the opportunities to share the Good News have never been more bountiful or graciously received!

I share the joy and relief of every isolated widow, every family hunkered in a bomb shelter, and other hungry people who receive an “I Care” food box and New Testament from our School Without Walls (SWW) team, to nourish body and soul. I am encouraged for refugees in Moldova who are without any help and have no means to rent lodging or buy food . . . they, too, gratefully receive food boxes provided by friends like you, enough to sustain them and their loved ones for a week.

Lyudmila’s son went to Kyiv to pick up his family three weeks ago, and she hasn’t heard from him since. When she saw people arriving at her house, she thought they brought her bad news about her son. Instead, it was our SWW team who had come to bless her with food and to share God’s love. Lyudmila cried tears of joy for ten minutes, overwhelmed by the gift of food and the encouragement she drew from the compassionate believers.

Cry Out to God—Ukraine Update

But like you, I can hardly contain my sorrow—for the horrors I am hearing from friends and colleagues as they nurture shattered refugees at our three refugee assistance centers, and to people who are stranded and in hiding in Ukraine.

I am devastated by the reports of murder, rape, mass graves, and other evidence of genocide against the Ukrainian people; by reports of rockets leveling buildings and ongoing attacks on innocent civilians who dare to attempt to evacuate; and for the 100,000 souls still trapped in Mariupol and in other cities, too, by Russian invaders who will not let them leave.

Let us cry out together to our loving and merciful God

Cry out to God that this terrible war will come to an end “for the LORD is a God of justice” (Isaiah 30:18).

Cry out to God for His mercy and love upon all who are suffering now . . . and for His protection for those who are helping others. Pray that we can do more to serve Him and people who are in great need.

Cry out to God for His protection for our staff who are courageously bringing help and hope to the more than four million people who have fled Ukraine, and the roughly nine million people who have been internally displaced.

Cry out to God that we can continue printing the gospels and putting together food packages to meet the growing need. Pray for our training seminars, which will equip young leaders to provide vital spiritual support in addition to the food and other care we offer.

I am truly thankful for your prayers and partnership at this time of great need among the suffering people of Ukraine.

In Him,

Sergey Rakhuba

Ukraine Needs Help

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